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Toronto FC’s Justin Morrow and Jonathan Osorio joined A Football
This past Thursday marked a memorable night at The Rivoli. For the first time, a Football Podcast with Kristian Jack and Steven Caldwell did their show live in front of
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Homestand announces new partnerships and star-studded March lineup
It’s an incredibly exciting time of year for Homestand Sports. The company has been very busy behind the scenes putting together a series of unique and unforgettable events that will
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A can’t-miss night of soccer talk with A Football Podcast!
For Kristian Jack and Steven Caldwell, there was just never enough time. While they both love their jobs as soccer analysts with TSN, television broadcasts always come with time constraints.
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Launched in 2017, Footy Talks brings together the brightest minds in soccer. In July of 2017, Footy Talks hosted a one-on-one chat with Manchester United great Andy Cole in Toronto and over the past year has hosted several panel discussions and watch parties. Notable Footy Talks speakers include Toronto FC player Liam Fraser, General Manager Tim Bezbachenko, Scottish national player Steven Caldwell.