Surviving Lockdown with Stevie – a look back.

With our special Footy Talks with Steven Caldwell series now completed, we take a moment to look back with appreciation on some of the highlights from this amazing collaboration.

Whether it was tactical deep dives into how the best coaches set up their teams, fascinating behind the scenes stories on life as a top pro, or brutally honest accounts of the grit and determination required to succeed in elite level soccer, Footy Talks with Steven Caldwell had something for everyone – and kept us all connected to the beautiful game during the long months of lockdown.

Here, we look back at our top five moments from the series:

#1 Jozy breaks the internet.

We kicked off with a special Player to Player interview with one of the biggest names in the MLS – but it was his comments about a notorious stint in the EPL that grab everyone’s attention. Jozy Altidore waxed lyrical about the fans at the Stadium Of Light – and our tweet promptly broke the internet.

#2 Mrs Fletcher vs. Sir Alex.

The EPL was at the center of Stevie’s fascinating extended interview with Darren Fletcher, who took us behind the scenes of life at Old Trafford, and spoke about lining up alongside some of the finest players of a generation. But it was Fletcher’s account of a certain telephone exchange that stood out – with Sir Alex Ferguson’s infamous ‘hairdryer treatment’ unexpectedly turned back on himself.

#3 The Great Escape.

In a special autobiographical episode, Stevie took us on a guided tour of top flight preseasons – shining a light on the challenge of being mentally and physically prepared for the start of a grueling season. As it turns out, breaking out of alpine training camps, and cycling home smashed is also part of the regime. Who knew?

#4 ‘Control the controllables.’

Carl Robinson’s Tactical Talks interview was one of our most watched shows – and it was packed the brim with insights and analysis on how to sep up a top flight team for success. Robinson gave us a one hour tactical master class, and shared this nugget from his time with Pep Guardiola.

#5 Lit-er-ally living the dream.

This was a Player to Player interview like no other. A giant both on and off the pitch, Kendall Waston postively beamed with good vibes for the entirety of this extended episode. Talking Stevie through a breath-taking last minute goal that powered his nation into the World Cup finals, all of us got the chance to experience a moment of genuine footballing magic.

Edwin Tubb