This week on the footy talks with Steven Caldwell podcast…

Hello everyone and welcome to two brand new episodes of The Footy Talks with Steven Caldwell Podcast!

My guests this week have both reached the very top of the game, but their journeys and life-stories couldn’t be more different. 

One is a slight and speedy winger, who faced a steep learning curve when teaming up with the most prolific goalscorer in EPL history, and the other is a towering man-mountain of a defender, who pulled off some serious heroics on the way to the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Although their stories play out on different continents and in different footballing eras, they reveal so much about the dynamics of the game – not just about different tactical styles and approaches, but also how good and bad luck play such a huge role in the life of a professional footballer.

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Episode 12: Player to Player with Kendall Waston

A Giant On and Off the Pitch – The Footballing Life of Kendall Waston

At six foot four, he’s a huge presence on the pitch; and as a powerful on field leader he’s not only dragged his nation into the World Cup Finals with a stunning last minute goal, but also landed himself on both the MLS and CONCACAF’s Best XI. In this episode of Player to Player, I sit down with FC Cincinnati’s Kendall Waston to find out how he became the man and the player he is. 

‘We were under so much pressure. We were losing – we just needed to equalize the game to qualify for the world cup. There were six minutes left and the coach said: “Kendall, go forward, go forward!” So I said “Ok lets go.” I was chasing – I was tired as well. And as soon as that cross came in I was like please – this is this chance, this is the chance! And I just headed the ball, and when I saw the ball go in I heard all the screaming – everybody jumping – I just started running around. I didn’t know how to celebrate. I just went crazy – running around – I was so happy. I couldn’t believe it!’

Episode 13: Tactical Talks with Stephen Glass

‘Glassy’ on Good Fortune: How Raw Talent Isn’t Always Enough

Very few Scottish footballers can say that Kenny Dalglish personally invited them to the EPL, but that’s just what happened to Stephen Glass after a man of the match performance in the League Cup Final landed him a contract with Newcastle FC. In this episode, I sit down with ‘Glassy’ – my old friend and teammate –  to talk about his own tactical influences as an elite profesional, and how as a coach he’s now passing on that insight to the next generation of North American footballers.

‘Alan Shearer had so much brilliance about everything that he did. But the basic things he was fantastic at. And if he got half a chance he is smashing it in the net. Hard to play against for centre halves. Ramon Vega told me he turned and punched him right in the face during a game for nothing – just because he was close to him. […] He’s a winner – so hard to play against, fantastic at the basics – half a chance it’s a goal. I don’t know what else you want in a centre forward? Unbelievable striker, worked hard for his team – like proper work for his team as well, not ‘show’ work – work the channels, he can cross it – probably second best crosser in this conversation! If he goes wide the centre forward knew it was coming. He probably could have been a winger if he wanted to be – but I think he got a bit of joy out of sticking it in the net.’ 

Steven Caldwell