KJ & Caldwell host massive Champions League final party at The Rec Room

On Saturday at The Rec Room in Toronto, Kristian Jack and Steven Caldwell of TSN hosted a watch party for the 2019 Champions League final. They did so in front of a capacity crowd, with 700 people RSVPing to the event to watch Liverpool win 2-0 over Tottenham.

“The venue is outstanding and we appreciate the opportunity to be on stage in such vibrant surroundings,” said Caldwell. “This was about interaction and sharing opinions and the energy inside the venue was palpable from start to finish. This is a brilliant concept that we hope to develop further in the future.”

Jack echoed the sentiment, saying that the crowd brought a special atmosphere to the event.

“Sport brings people together and it was wonderful to see so many happy faces because of the game,” said Jack. “It was very different for us as we are often talking to a crowd through a camera so it was special to see the joy on so many faces as they celebrated and it’s certainly something we would like to do again next season.”

Here are some photos from the event, courtesy of Homestand Sports photographer Mathew Tsang. For the full set of images, please click here.

KJ & Caldwell pre-game (Photo: Mathew Tsang)

KJ & Caldwell (Mathew Tsang)

Joshua Kloke and Maria Papadakis (Mathew Tsang)

The (heavily Liverpool) crowd! (Mathew Tsang)

Liverpool fans celebrate their sixth European championship (Mathew Tsang)

Here is the audio from the pre-game panel at The Rec Room:


Mitchell Tierney

Digital Content Manager - Homestand Sports