Toronto FC’s Justin Morrow and Jonathan Osorio joined A Football Podcast Live!

This past Thursday marked a memorable night at The Rivoli. For the first time, a Football Podcast with Kristian Jack and Steven Caldwell did their show live in front of an audience. The show featured an incredible lineup, headlined by Toronto FC’s own Justin Morrow and Jonathan Osorio, but also including women’s soccer discussion with former national team player Carmelina Moscato and Canadian Premier League talk with Kyle Bekker and Manny Aparicio.  Luke Wileman of TSN also dropped in to wrap up what was an incredible show. Here are some of the best shots from the night courtesy of Homestand Sports’ photographer Mathew Tsang.

The crew: Kyle Bekker, Jonathan Osorio, Justin Morrow, Carmelina Moscato, Steven Caldwell, Luke Wileman, Kristian Jack, Manny Aparicio

Luke Wileman (TSN), Manny Aparicio (York9), Carmelina Moscato (CanWNT)

Manny Aparicio and Kyle Bekker

Producer Sean Kaye

Fan with a Caldwell T-shirt

Caldwell and KJ

Mitchell Tierney

Digital Content Manager - Homestand Sports