A night of comedy and hockey talk with Botchford, Brough and Halford

Back in September, Mike Halford, Jason Brough and Jason Botchford took part in the Vancouver leg of The Athletic Cross Canada Tour. The sports panel event turned out to be a great night of laughter, hockey talk and all round good times.

“It was an awesome vibe, there was really good energy and there was a really good turnout from the crowd,” said Halford, of Halford & Brough on TSN 1040 radio. “It had a rock and roll vibe to it because people were getting into it and the bar was going well. We did over an hour of the panel and people just wanted to keep going.”

It went so well that he Brough and Botchford (The Athletic) wanted to do it again, so they booked the Rio Theatre in Vancouver and started working on The Power Hour Live! The event, which takes place on Thursday (January 31) will feature live comedy, music from former Vancouver Canucks in-house DJ Jay Swings and of course plenty of hockey talk.

“The energy that we had [last time] we are hoping to double that when we go to the Rio on Thursday,” said Halford.

He also promised some surprises and giveaways for those attending. The event gets underway at 7:00 p.m. and also features The Athletic Vancouver’s JD Burke, Ryan Biech and Isreal Fehr. Tickets are available by clicking here and are half-off for Athletic Vancouver subscribers.

“It’s going to be three hours of booze, hockey talk, music and a lot of good laughs,” said Halford. “So I think it’s gonna be a really good time I’m super stoked about it.”

He says those in attendance can expect plenty of Canucks talk, including discussion about where the team goes from here after a surprisingly competitive first half among other topics.

Mitchell Tierney

Digital Content Manager - Homestand Sports