Puck Talks: Get the inside scoop on the Toronto Maple Leafs with the Leaf Report Podcast!

It was in the midst of the 2012 NHL lockout that James Mirtle and Jonas Siegel were looking for something to do in the absence of hockey. That’s when the pair, who both cover the Toronto Maple Leafs, had the idea to launch a team-focused podcast.

That’s how “The Leaf Report Podcast” was born, and six years later it has continued to grow. Both Siegel and Mirtle now work for The Athletic, with Mirtle becoming the Editor-in-chief of the Canadian portion of the site.

“The Leafs fanbase is so passionate and we are really lucky that they’ll consume content in so many different ways,” says Mirtle. “The support that we have gotten has grown every single year and it’s to the point now where we just have a real following for the podcast and it has been a lot of fun to see it grow like that.”

The next step in that growth has been to do the podcast live and in person. They will be doing so once again on Thursday, November 29th with Puck Talks live at the Rivoli in Toronto. You can purchase tickets here.

On top of Mirtle and Siegel, the event will also include special guests Mark Masters, Justin Bourne, Scott MacArthur as well as the guys from Babsocks who will be providing prizes. Doors open at 6 p.m.

“We want it to be kind of lighthearted and fun and less like a panel show and more interactive and intimate,” says Mirtle. “The great thing about the Rivoli is its a small venue and you feel like you are kinda right in the same room with everybody.”

Mirtle enjoys the fact that both the audience and panellists can just drink beer and talk hockey in a casual setting. He mentions that audience members should try to sit in the front row, in range for him to toss them free beers.

“If you say something silly, the audience laughs and if you say something dumb they boo,” he says. “We hope that this can become a regular thing that we can do every month or every two months.”

Mitchell Tierney

Digital Content Manager - Homestand Sports