Hoop Talks: The perfect time to talk Basketball in Toronto

Ever since the “We the North” revolution, basketball has been arguably the fastest growing sport in the city of Toronto.

This year, however, that growth seems to be reaching a boiling point. With the Raptors at the top of the NBA standings, boasting one of the league’s most exciting talents in Kawhi Leonard, hoops fans in Toronto have rarely had this much reason to be excited about the sport.

“I think there is an unparalleled passion among basketball fans in Toronto,” says Doug Smith, who covers the Raptors for the Toronto Star. “For the Raptors, for the game, for the national team program, there’s a lot of passionate, opinionated people out there.”

Smith will be on a panel with Sherman Hamilton and Paul Jones of NBA TV Canada at our latest Hoop Talks event on Wednesday, November 28. Tickets can be purchased by clicking here.

The event, which will take place at the Rivoli in Toronto, will be hosted by Ashley Docking and will also feature Laura Armstrong, Vivek Jacob, Eric Koreen, Blake Murphy, Katie Heindl and William Lou. Doors open a 6:00 p.m. with panels getting underway around 7.

Smith says the event comes at a great time, about a quarter of the way through the NBA season, to discuss what has been learned so far.

“We will know pretty much what teams are and what teams need to do and who might be on the move, both in terms of franchises and players. I think it’s absolutely the right time of the year [for the event].”

He says he enjoys these events because it gives both fans and journalists a platform to share and debate different viewpoints.

“I think that anybody has ever gone has had a good time,” says Smith, “they’ve come away a little bit informed, and maybe a little bit accepting of different viewpoints. I think it’s the discussions and the interactions that are a lot of fun.”

Mitchell Tierney

Digital Content Manager - Homestand Sports