Puck Talks Live: Life as a Hockey Fan with Jay Baruchel & James Duthie

When Jay Baruchel looked at his bookshelf, he saw a gap. Countless books have been written about the sport of hockey and his beloved Montreal Canadiens.

But to him, none of them articulated the experience of what it is like to be a hockey fan. That is why Baruchel –an actor/director by trade with titles including Goon and How to Train your Dragon — penned his new book “Born into it” about his life through the lens of being a Habs fan.

“I had never read anything that [described] what it was like to be with a bunch of friends watching a hockey game,” said Baruchel. “For something to be as close to a national pastime as watching hockey on TV, I was like it seems like that’s a book that could maybe be a nice compliment on the bookshelf next to the rest of the Habs books”

On Monday, October 29, Baruchel will celebrate the launch of his book at a Puck Talks event at the Rec Room in Toronto. Doors will open at 7 p.m. and Jay will be joined by TSN’s James Duthie.

The event is free with an RSVP, while fans can also pay $35 for a meet and greet with Baruchel and a copy of the book. The night will also have an Athletic Toronto panel hosted by Hailey Salvian with Justin Bourne and Scott Wheeler and a special montage created by Tim Thompson.

“[Expect] James Duthie set anecdotes I suspect,” says Baruchel of what fans can look forward to at the event, “and what it is like directing him [during the making of Goon]. I predict swear words and I predict waxing earnest.”

That movie, Goon, and it’s popular sequel, is how many hockey fans came to know Baruchel. It struck a chord with fans because of its authentic depiction of the game they love to watch.

“I’m going to go out on a limb here and say there is not enough hockey art,” says Baruchel. “There’s a tremendous amount of good journalism and there are some good books, a few good movies. But I think for something that is so f–king Canadian there seems to be a deficit of finding stories to tell.”

In light of that, don’t expect “Born into it” to be his last hockey project, either. Baruchel remains very passionate about the game and his Montreal Canadiens.

“I could spend the rest of my life only writing hockey stories and I’d be happy, and I’d never run out [ideas].”