Puck Talks Live: an inside look at the hockey world with Paul Bissonnette

The inner workings of the sport of hockey can be a little mysterious for fans sometimes. Organizations keep their cards incredibly close to their chest while players are known for providing cliché-filled answers to just about every question.

However, both through his @BizNasty2point0 twitter account and now with the hugely popular Spittin’ Chiclets podcast, former NHLer Paul Bissonnette has developed a knack for giving fans a look behind the curtain. As one of the best storytellers in hockey, “Biz” has become a household name in the hockey world.

On Sunday, September 23, Biz will be hosting a very special live Puck Talks event at The Rec Room in Toronto. Doors open for the event at 7 p.m., with the two-hour show itself getting underway at 8. Tickets are available here.

“You are more likely to hear a story that you will not hear on the podcast at a live show,” says Bissonnette. “You are going to hear less watered down stories.”

The event will offer an inside look at the hockey industry: exploring media, sports science and the lives of the players themselves.

The night will start with a conversation with TSN’s James Duthie about Bissonnette’s social media and his career off the ice. The pair will also discuss the role of media in the sport.

“I’m gonna tell [some] funny stories I don’t think a lot of people know regarding my crazy escapades on social media,” says Bissonnette.

Then Matt Nichol, the creator of Biosteel and one of the most influential hockey trainers on the planet, will join the show to talk about the sports science side of hockey. Nichol works with players like Conor McDavid and Tyler Seguin and has played a big role in improving the way athletes prepare to perform.

Spittin’ Chiclets listeners will know the next guest, Terry Ryan, very well. The 1995 eighth overall pick of the Montreal Canadiens will join the panel to tell some jaw-dropping stories about his wild hockey career.

Finally, the show will wrap up with a visit from Rich Clune, Vincent LoVerde and members of the 2017-18 Calder Cup winning Toronto Marlies.

“Will will just kind of talk to them about what it is like to be part of the Maple Leafs organization,” says Bissonnette. “They are obviously first class and they won the championship last year.”

It will also offer Leafs fans, and hockey fans in general, a behind the scenes look at Kyle Dubas who was the GM of the Marlies last season before being promoted to his current role as GM of the big club.

Even with an incredible lineup like this, Bissonnette says he wants to make sure everyone gets their money’s worth for the event.

“To me, I take a lot of pride in making sure people have a good experience,” he explains. “I’m going to be hanging out afterwards because it’s of the size that I’m at least going to be able to say hello and shake hands and introduce myself to everyone there.”